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An abstract digital art piece, multicolored undulations intertwining across the image, predominantly oranges and reds

A month of prayers: week 3

When I buckle down and hammer out headnotes, I get things out more timely; thus, week 3, barely a week and a half overdue! Continue reading A month of prayers: week 3

Detail from the facade of the Wales Millenium Centre; the words "HORIZONS" and SING" are visible, part of the larger inscription "In These Stones Horizons Sing"

Imbas and change

Yesterday I was talking with a good friend, catching up on each other’s lives after a couple months only ‘seeing’ each other on social media. He asked me how I was doing, and I paused a bit to think before responding “I think… I feel like I’mĀ changing. Not in a bad way, and not like a total upheaval, but still: a definite shift.” He nodded. “That matches what I’ve been seeing from you online.” It’s good to have that kind of validation, because it’s a very odd experience to see these processes happening; usually they’re only clear in hindsight, so it’s more than a bit disconcerting to feel like you’re observing the building blocks of your life in motion, and to feel like there’s an extent to which they’re moving beyond your direct control. Continue reading Imbas and change

A red balloon with a tightly spiraled white tail floats away in a pure blue sky

Guilt, stress, and letting go

It’s been quiet around this blog for a couple months, and I’ve been increasingly unhappy about that. I actually have a few things I’ve wanted to write about, but once I’m done working, rehearsing, cooking, cleaning, and writing for my other blog, the thought of writing 500-900 words of crafted prose is just overwhelming. I’m ironically amused by this, since I have a master’s degree in creative writing and even before I was in that programĀ I was prone to dropping 2500 words on LiveJournal without a second thought. But life changes with age, and responsibilities and needs shift. Looking back at some of my recent posts to figure out that word count, I realized that this is a recurrent theme: I pack my life full of activities and obligations, all of which I enjoy and feel strongly about, but then I start to spiral into a tailspin of stress and guilt. And part of that tailspin is a false sense of being in some sort of debt: as if, having written nothing here for two months, I now need to write The Perfect Mini-Essay. which is of course an impossible task.
Continue reading Guilt, stress, and letting go